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Modern vending machine

Modern vending machine

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  • Allows you to feed your animal automatically thanks to manual programming or via the TUYA application compatible with iOS and Android
  • Large tank capacity of 3 kg with the possibility of programming up to 10 meals per day of 12 portions, between 8 and 12 grams
  • Ideal for regulating your pet's diet or for feeding it remotely, with the possibility of making a personalized 10-second voice recording

Our automatic kibble dispenser is the answer to your needs!

With its 3 kg capacity, you can store a large quantity of dry food without having to refill it frequently.

Connected using the TUYA application compatible with iOS and Android, you can also program times and quantities of food with a logbook to track your pet's consumption.

It allows you to guarantee regular and precise feeding to your animal, avoiding forgetting errors or confusing times and quantities .

Finally, it also helps make life easier for busy or absent pet owners, providing them with a convenient solution to feed their pets remotely.

Indeed, this automatic kibble dispenser offers a unique option: a personalized 10-second voice recording !!!

Perfect for calling your pet to eat. Ideal for associating feeding with a familiar voice, this function can be useful for anxious or stressed animals to be reassured by their owner's voice.

You can schedule up to 10 meals per day, with up to 12 servings per meal (8 to 12 g per serving), for a balanced diet.

This device is a technological gem, my team and I use it, it's simple, effective and your pet will thank you!

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I've never seen these articles before?

Indeed, all our products have been sourced from responsible European suppliers using innovative methods.

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Sustainable products?

PETFOOD products come exclusively from partners who, like us, are striving towards a more responsible future.

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In addition, tangible equipment such as feeding stations or the hammock can be parts in their own right for at least 7 years.

Why sometimes 1 item contains several packages?

Because our company is concerned about environmental issues, we buy in large quantities in order to limit the number of trips that a single small item must make.

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