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Discover the story of founder Oriane Annen:

The Peasant Jokey

How am I different from the market?

First of all,

I supply myself exclusively with products made in the EU.

From innovative suppliers who produce natural and artisanal foods.

Concerned about animal welfare and the environment.


While immersed in this environment, I noticed that certain participants and their close friends who owned horses, dogs and cats used doping, dietary misinformation, mental ill-being, and sometimes even mistreatment.

Over the years, sharing my grandfather's voice with everyone has become obvious.

Because, despite the mentalities specific to his time, he already had a deep respect for his animals whom he saw as teammates.

Moreover, he will find himself falling in love with his mare Vada without whom he would never have had his title. And who will stay by his side throughout his life!

In the end ,

I want to offer all budgets the possibility of having responsible and healthy products for their animals, the goal is not to impose plant-based, natural or even artisanal products, it is simply to be aware of the damage from the PETFOOD industry and supplement the diet with nutrients or superior quality care!